Aqualite Feet Research Institute

Each foot is unique.

Across the different geographies, genders, ages, health concerns, and needs, Aqualite has understood that catering to each step, each foot, is important.

To further its decades of experience in manufacturing footwear, Aqualite invests immensely in research. The goal is to take maximise the footwear comfort for its customers.

And to chase this goal, Aqualite has set up its exclusive research centre called the Aqualite Feet Research Institute.

It is a culmination of its momentous journey in the footwear industry. Aqualite Feet Research Institute seeks to scientifically institutionalise all learnings, experiences, and insights onto a consolidated platform. An experienced and dedicated team of podiatrists, shoe engineers, chemical engineers, and mechanics engaged in the pursuit of enhancing comfort in the premises of the institute, located within the factory. Aqualite Feet Research Institute is a new and radical way to pursue Aqualite’s legacy of stepping into its customers’ shoes.




Easy to Clean

Firm Grip

Anti-skid Waterproof

Foot Centric

Double-deck Sole

Quality Assurance

As part of our principles, we ensure that every pair coming out of our factories meet our stringent quality standards.

Constant quality checks guarantee that all our shoes are in line with the industry quality standards. We have a team of property-check managers who keep a strict vigil throughout, from the starting stage of obtaining material to the ending stage of designing products.

Owing to our quality-centric approach, we have a huge client base across the market.