Walking Tall with India's Leading Footwear Brand

Aqualite holds a rich understanding of the Indian footwear industry. A passionate and meticulous approach has enabled our products to find a natural resonance with our customers, making Aqualite a beloved household brand in India. Our commitment and conviction lie in providing best-in-class, affordable footwear to the masses.

Along with manufacturing precision, it puts utmost emphasis on innovation, comfort, and quality. Aqualite carries a highly specialised and scientific approach to footwear research and development, operating through its industry-first research institute, Aqualite Footwear Research Institute.

40 million pairs annual capacity | 6 world-class manufacturing establishments

Our Story

The Aqualite Group had humble origins, being founded as a small household business in 1981 in a footwear cluster near Delhi by Davinder Gupta, a first-generation entrepreneur.

The journey of Aqualite started in 1984 when Mr. Gupta discovered that a traditional farmer’s shoe weighed about 3 kilos. There was no difference in design between the left and right shoe. He realised that a comfortable shoe was vital to help farmers walk over rough and uneven terrains. To this end, he developed a 450-gm light-weight shoe with a padded insole that became a great hit among the farmer’s community.

After that, in 1992, post-liberalisation, Mr. Gupta realised that Indians had started gravitating towards fashion and style along with comfort. To chase this, he imported the first sophisticated PVC injection moulding machine from Taiwan and launched the pioneering Aerobok shoe. It laid the foundation of what Aqualite was to become.

After the recession of 2002-03, he launched Eva, a soft-soled, light-weight shoe with shock-absorbing properties that cushioned and comforted Indians during the hard times.

Over the next few years, with much innovation and experimentation, Aqualite Industries Pvt. Ltd. was born on 14th June 2016.

Today, it has become a household name, loved by all.

Corporate Profile

One of the most admired and trusted footwear brands known for its manufacturing excellence, Aqualite is a leading brand that lays the utmost emphasis on innovation, comfort, and quality. A pioneer in the open footwear category.

Headquartered in the national capital, Aqualite aims to empower the Indian masses with top-notch quality footwear at the most affordable prices.

The company’s world-class design centre is equipped with advanced CAD and CAM software that aids footwear creation. The highly experienced and talented team of designers follow the popular shoe-designing forecasts to keep pace with the upcoming changes in the land of fashion.

To find precision in its research, it has set up Aqualite Feet Research Institute, a Feet Research Institute that works as an engine to advances the deep insights and understanding in podiatry, consumer behaviour, and the art and science of making footwear.

Above everything, Aqualite enasures profitable growth by adhering to the highest standards of quality and comfort in all its footwear. It is focused on building a culture of operational excellence with fair business practices.


The inspiring story of Aqualite – from an organic homegrown startup into one of India’s largest footwear companies – can be distilled down to a single statement:

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. 

Our purpose is to add confidence in every step by providing fashionable and trendy footwear to our customers, layering it up by quality, comfort, and affordability.


At Aqualite, our main goal is to remain in step with the diverse needs and aspirations of Bharat. With resolve, experience, and resources, Aqualite develops footwear articles that are durable, comfortable, and affordable.

Our rewards surpass creating sustainable growth and profits – it lies in creating a difference for our hard-working customers that aspire for a better life!

Our Founders

Jahan chaah wahan raah

“They say that if you want to understand a person, you have to step into his shoes. This has led me to create  a business that touches thousands of lives today!”

Mr. Gupta started Aqualite at the tender age of 17, committed to bridge the gap between quality and price. Emerging from a middle-class family, he single-handedly turned his dream into a reality with unwavering discipline and passion.

The ambition is to empower the masses with value for money. With innovation and technology high-quality products can be produced and sold at affordable prices.

After three decades of leading the organization, Devandra Gupta is still vigorous and industrious. He believes that his journey is still in the making, and he will not stop until he offers COMFORT to every citizen of India.

Board of Directors

Mr D.K. Gupta
Mr D.K. GuptaManaging Director – B.Com
Mr D. K. Gupta entered the footwear industry in 1981 and laid the foundation of the Aqualite Group in 1994. Today, his step has metamorphosed into a large, quality-driven and customer-focused group.
Mr Anil Gupta
Mr Anil GuptaChairman – M.Com, LLB
Mr Anil Gupta is the Chairman of the Group and has been the catalyst for the tremendous growth that Aqualite has witnessed since he joined the office in 2000. He specialises in finance and holds a valuable experience of 29 years.
Mr Avichal Gupta
Mr Avichal GuptaDirector – B.Tech
Mr Avichal Gupta is a man with a vision. He is responsible for setting up the new plants in various states of the country and taking care of the Business Transformation System of the Group. He specialises in marketing, technical & IT and holds a valuable experience of 27 years.
Mr Aviral Gupta
Mr Aviral GuptaDirector – B.Com
Marketing is an important aspect of any business. Mr Aviral Gupta takes care of the dealer/distributor network of Aqualite Group. With an experience of 31 years, he specialises in production, research, and development and fosters the company's business relationships with suppliers, customers, and others.
Mr Mukesh Gupta
Mr Mukesh GuptaDirector – B.Com
Aqualite attaches a great deal of importance to manufacturing quality products. Mr Mukesh Gupta brings in his experience of 31 years and specialises in production, playing an important role in improving the manufacturing capacity of the Group.
Mr Devanshu Gupta
Mr Devanshu GuptaDirector - MBA
Mr Devanshu, with nine years of experience, has a sound knowledge of quality and can assess business risks for appropriate decision-making. As a business director, he is diligent and keeps himself informed about the business. He specialises in HR and Sales
Mr Ashish Gupta
Mr Ashish GuptaDirector – B.Com
Specialising in production and planning and carrying an experience of 19 years, Mr Anish Gupta is responsible for ensuring that the company complies with its obligations relating to its workers' health, safety, and welfare under health and safety legislation.

Aqualite CSR Activity

Even though Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] is a compliance obligation on every Corporate that falls under the given criteria of Sec-135 of Companies Act, 2013; however, here at Aqualite, the philanthropy philosophy of “serve back to the society” is much more prominent.

Having said that, Aqualite does the following key activities to fulfil its CSR obligations.

A Charitable Trust in New Delhi, “Chameli Devi Charitable Trust” Diagnosis and Treatment Center, w.e.f. 01st June’2020, provides basic medical service to the vulnerable part of the society, free of cost.

Formation of this trust, including but not limited to building, maintaining, onboarding qualified doctors and nurses, installing basic medical testing devices and creating an adequate amount of dispensaries, has provided basic diagnosis and treatment to the patients coming from near and far.